This was a promise made by our CEO on Friday 23rd August 2019 to the community we serve, when we opened our 3rd centre in Wallsend.

We want to work with you

If you’re a small CIC struggling to find clients and want to expand your services then this scheme is for you. We are also looking for self-employed specialist and children counsellors.

What is the Anxious Minds Approved Therapist scheme?

We will be working with other charities, small practices and self-employed counsellors across the North East.

Charity Partners

If you are a CEO of a charity in the North East and feel your service users will benefit from having an Anxious Minds Counselling Service and can provide the space free of charge, then give us a call and we can become charity partners and set up your counselling service for your service users.

The therapists we work with are:

Cognitive behavioural therapists (CBT): Applicants must qualify for a course that has been accredited /is in the process of being accredited by the British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) and/or hold individual accreditation with the BABCP.

Counsellors: Applicants must hold a Diploma in Counselling from a course that has been accredited/is in the process of being accredited by either the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP), the British Psychological Society (BPS) or the National Counselling Society (NCS) and/or hold individual registration/accreditation with the BACP or NCS.

Clinical psychologists: Applicants must hold a BPS approved Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and be registered with the HCPC with experience of delivering CBT based therapy. Membership and /or individual accreditation with the BABCP is welcomed.

All Anxious Minds Approved Therapists must also submit evidence of the following –

  1. Produce copies of Diploma level qualifications as a minimum (or be studying towards one).
  2. Proof of professional indemnity insurance annually.
  3. Proof of professional body membership annually.
  4. Sign up to a minimum of ten hours continuing professional development (CPD) per year.
  5. This varies between bodies. Must be willing to work with our clinical supervisors
  6. All therapists registered with them to have a valid DBS certificate (enhanced version), which is less than three years old and renewed every three years.

As a qualified therapist, or someone working towards accreditation or in training. Anxious Minds can offer you the opportunity to be part of a scheme where you will gain invaluable experience of working with clients presenting with a range of mental health and well-being issues.

Benefits of being an Anxious Minds Approved Therapist – what’s in it for you!

Available from Anxious Minds

* Payment for therapy for our clients from £20 for traditional therapy services and £35 per session for FAST (see below). We also provide therapeutic support for a range of partner beneficiaries, broadening the opportunity to work with a wide range and variety of clients.

* The opportunity to offer support to our FAST scheme, a quick and alternative method to access therapy support from Anxious Minds Approved Therapists at the rate of £35 per session.

*We will be Marketing on our digital and FM Radio Station weekly.

* Access to various useful practitioner resources including risk assessment flow charts, safeguarding protocol, advice and good practices.

*Opportunities for training & development supplemented by our CPD support and dedicated Anxious Minds Approved Therapist conference.

* Our offer caters for trainee, newly qualified and fully accredited therapists providing the opportunity to work towards accreditation or client hours with a diverse range of clients from the mild to more complex and for those new to private practice, the Anxious Minds therapy placement allows you to gain the skills needed to become independent, whilst still under the umbrella of a local charity.

*Access to reduced clinical supervision on request at £25 per hour.

* Regular communication from the Anxious Minds and sharing of case studies & best practice information.

*The option to be an expert in a particular field, e.g. the provision of therapy for clients from a specific community.

*Unique dedicated Anxious Minds Approved Therapist logo for all your literature and online marketing materials.

Places are limited to Therapists per area to get the maximum return for your investment

How do I become an Anxious Minds Approved Therapist?

  1. Once you have sent us your CV, and paid the £20 processing fee (non-refundable) and submit details of two referees, we will then arrange a telephone interview with you before proceeding to the next stage.
    Subject to a satisfactory interview outcome, Anxious Minds will source references from your named referees (this normally takes 2-3 weeks).
  2. While we are waiting for the references you will receive a visit to check out your delivery centre.
  3. Once we have received satisfactory references, all pre-requisite interviews and visits are done and all relevant paperwork has been submitted to Anxious Minds, subject to a satisfactory DBS check we will then add you to our database of Anxious Minds Approved Therapists ready to receive referrals.

Registration with ‘governing bodies’
Anxious Minds currently accepts applications from the following registered governing bodies:
British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP)
British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists (BABCP)
United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

Governing bodies often have an ethical framework that they expect members to adhere to when practising their discipline. Membership is a way of clients ascertaining that therapists have been checked and have met certain quality standards in their practice.

They also offer therapists the opportunity to become accredited, which is a mark of the knowledge and experience they have developed over time.
Common criteria for all bodies accepted by Anxious Minds is that they expect practitioners to have met the following criteria:

Produce copies of Diploma level qualifications as a minimum (or be studying towards one).

Proof of professional indemnity insurance annually.

Proof of professional body membership annually.

Sign up to a minimum of ten hours continuing professional development (CPD) per year. This varies between bodies.

Have a named clinical supervisor in place. In addition to this, Anxious MInds expects all therapists registered with them to have a valid DBS certificate (enhanced version), which is less than three years old and renewed every three years.

How does the referrals process work?
Anxious Minds provides therapeutic support through three different routes:
Client referrals:
Clients of Anxious Minds can apply for our discounted rated therapy services at a cost based on their household income. Anxious Minds will conduct the necessary checks and allocate to a therapist based on modality and location preferences.

FAST referrals
Anxious Minds also offers a fast track referral to Approved Therapists. The therapist agrees to this quick turn around and following this initial consultation the client continues in a private agreement with the therapist at £35 for which Anxiety Anxious Minds holds no liability.

Partnership referrals
Anxious Minds also provides support for a number of partnerships which are for a set allocated number of sessions and are all paid to the therapist at a fixed rate.

How many referrals will I get?
Anxious Minds therapy services work on an on-demand basis. As such we cannot guarantee any number of referrals or forecast the demand in any given area, however, we operate a very flexible system should you reach capacity or be unable to take referrals for personal reasons.